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My experience in the dog world 

You can say that I have been surrounded by dogs since the day I was born, I have always liked these animals, they are affectionate, loyal and never abandon you, whatever personal situation you are going through. Regarding my experience in the world of dogs, it dates back to the age of 14, when I discovered that dogs, apart from being pets, serve to help us in various tasks: guide dogs, drug-explosive-corpse detection dogs, detection dogs. assistance to people with physical disabilities, rescue dogs, therapy dogs, and many other fields that our 4-legged friends can help us with.

In my beginnings I was part of several rescue groups with dogs, where I acquired most of my training and knowledge of the world of dogs, currently I continue in the world of rescue dogs, as head of the Civil Protection Canine Unit of Fresno de Torote (Madrid).

On a professional level, I am dedicated to providing dog walker services, dog residence, home training, as well as organizing and teaching different types of training (canine education, Mantrailing, Substance Detection, etc.), in a serious and professional manner.

I recently obtained the official professional certificates from the Employment Department that certify my theoretical and practical knowledge that underlines my professional experience.

My career in the canine field 

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