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Dog walker 

Nowadays, many owners have jobs with schedules that do not allow their dog to go out, explore, run, walk and, above all, see other places and be distracted as they should, since although we do not always realize it, a dog is locked up no matter how much we offer it. care and pampering can make you feel dissatisfied.

Our walks provide physical and psychological benefits to your dog. These walks last 30 minutes, ideal for your dog to enjoy all the benefits that our dog walking service offers.

Safe rides

At all times your dog will enjoy the maximum guarantees of safety and comfort, remaining during the stay in the home of our canine educators and keeping you informed at all times via WhatsApp.

pleasant walks

Our walks stand out for respecting the dog, allowing it to recognize the environment, smelling and interacting with other dogs and people. Additionally, our walkers create a bond with your dog that allows them to increase their state of well-being.


Types of rates available 

Option 1


Monday to Friday: 8€

* From 08:00 to 14:00

Option 2


Monday to Friday: 150€

* Rate price for one dog

1 30 minute walk


Service provision 

1. The service will be provided from Monday to Friday in the morning hours. Check availability for afternoons and holidays.
2. At all times the owner will be informed of any change in the provision of the contracted service.
3. Published rates include VAT. and travel expenses in the town of Getafe (Madrid).
4. The owners must always provide before the start of the provision of the service:
  • Dog vaccination record.
  • Mandatory insurance for potentially dangerous breeds.
  • The vaccination record must be up to date.