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Our work philosophy is based on working respectfully according to the characteristics of each animal.
Always guaranteeing its well-being, working together with the owner to be able to teach the animal in a positive and fun way all those behavioral behaviors that we want to achieve.

This service can be applied for Behavior Modifications in dogs.

Service contracting procedure:
After contacting by phone or email, a day and time is agreed upon to establish initial contact with the owner and his dog. In this first contact, a short interview is carried out with the owner, to take a history of the pet (if it has health problems, socialization problems, character of the animal, etc.), and in this way the services can be planned, adapting them to the characteristics of each dog, with the aim of guaranteeing the well-being and happiness of the animal. Rate: 60€ 50 minute session.

After carrying out the interview, it is necessary to agree on the start of the provision of the contracted service and the method of payment.


Rate type available 

Option 1


60€ per 50 minute session.

At all times the owner will be informed of any change in the provision of the contracted service.



All rates published on this website include VAT. and travel expenses.