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Mantrailing Working Group 

Mantrailing is a beneficial activity for the dog, which becomes an interesting resource to practice with a wide profile of dogs with problems, especially hyperactivity, reactivity, and all those behavioral pathologies related to excessive functioning of the limbic system, precisely because its ability to take the dog’s brain to decision-making, to the cortex, when practiced properly, that is, taking care of the emotional state.

In addition to all this, the bond between guide and dog is strengthened, improving communication and the relationship between them.

grupo de trabajo mantrailing
What is Mantrailing?

It is a discipline for searching for people by reference scent.

Its origin lies in the United States. Currently it has spread in Europe and other continents.

The mantrailing dog looks for a specific odor that is provided through an odor sample (clothing, vehicle seat...).

Mantrailing can be worked in urban and rural areas.

The dog searches naturally, both on the ground and in the air, although to a large extent it searches on the ground, following the trail that the person leaves when moving.

The mantrailing dog is trained to ignore odors other than the one it is following.

The capacities that are developed

The mantrailing dog:
o Discard areas where there is no smell and/or trace of the person;
o Eliminates addresses that the person has not gone through.
o Determines the place where the scent trail ends (the person has gotten into a vehicle, fallen down a slope, entered the water...).

Mantrailing dogs are increasingly integrated into the canine units of police, civil protection and firefighters around the world, as they are a great complement to venting dogs.


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Mantrailing Group 

The Mantrailing group Paseandoperros is part of the Spanish Sports Mantrailing Federation-F.E.M.D. in which a regulation has been established at a sporting level where the capabilities of dog and guide are evaluated.

Currently our group is made up of pairs, made up of dogs of different breeds and ages.
These components demonstrate in each training the abilities that dogs have to locate a person through an object of smell.
From vehicle exits, odor samples from purses, watches, even car keys, they serve to present the dog with a reference of the smell it should look for.

We always work in a comfortable environment for both the dog and the handler, where the well-being of the dogs and professionalism prevail when training students.

We use GPS systems to be able to control and evaluate the work of the pairs in each training session.