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Dog daycare 

This service is ideal for those owners who, for various reasons, must be away from home for one or several days, and wish but cannot take their pets with them. The main sales are:

For your dog, he will be much happier, because he will not suffer the stress caused by drastic changes in the environment in which the animal lives, in addition to receiving the affection and games that he would not receive in a conventional residence.

For you, it offers exactly the same as a dog kennel, having the security that your pet will be watched 24 hours a day by a person, and at the same time will always be in a place acclimatized for its stay.

Always safe and air-conditioned

At all times your dog will enjoy the maximum guarantees of safety and comfort, remaining during the stay in the home of our canine educators and keeping you informed at all times via WhatsApp.

attention and affection

Your dog will always be accompanied by our Canine Educators, making field trips. where you will enjoy nature. In addition to everything most important, they will receive the attention and affection that a conventional residence does not give you.


Rate type available 

Option 1


25€ per day

* National holidays 30€

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Service provision 

1. It will be necessary to make the reservation payment of 50% of the total amount before the service is provided.
2. Rates will be applied for the time the animal is enjoying the service, regardless of the time of entry or exit.
3. reserves the right to modify rates on dates of highly relevant periods.
4. At all times the client will be informed of any change in the provision of the contracted service.
5. Travel expenses: All trips outside Getafe will be charged 0.60€ x Km.
6. The owners must always provide before the start of the provision of the service:
  • Dog vaccination record.
  • Mandatory insurance for potentially dangerous breeds.
  • The vaccination record must be up to date (mandatory vaccinations, deworming).